Time, Talents, and Treasure
At St. Thomas, we participate in God's mission to set the world to rights through our worship, our service,  our evangelism, our education and our pastoral care.  These are carried out both by our paid staff and by our many dedicated and talented volunteers.  You can support St. Thomas and participate in God's mission and our ministries through the gift of your time, your talents and your treasure.

Time:  The Christian journey comes alive when you volunteer some time each week or month. By joining others,  you will make friends, grow in your faith and find yourself making a difference in the lives of many.  Check out the many opportunities below!  There are opportunities to volunteer in worship, volunteer in ministry, and participate in spiritual growth.

Talents:  God has given each one of us knowledge, skills and experiences that can build up the Christian community and enrich the neighbours God calls us to serve.  You are encouraged to join an existing ministry, or to join with a few others to form a new one! Please connect with the Wardens, the Deacons or the Priest to share your ideas and see where your thoughts might lead.

Treasure:  Giving is a part of our weekly worship and supports the work and maintenance of our community. At every Sunday service, we have a collection, called 'the offering'. Some parishioners offer their treasure to God using our envelope-giving program, while others use our Pre-Authorized Donation option. You will receive a charitable tax receipt for all of your gifts.

Volunteers in Worship

Contact Fr. Allen or Rev. Lorie if you are interested in helping out in worship in one or more of the ways below.

Greeters and Sides Persons
This group of parishioners welcomes everyone to church on Sunday mornings. They ensure that everyone has a bulletin to follow the service, and they take up the collection.
Members of the congregation who volunteer to read the designated passages from the Old Testament and New Testament Letters during the service.
Members of the parish who prepare and lead the "Prayers of the People" at each service.
Lay Administrators
Members of the parish who have been trained to assist the clergy with the giving of communion.
Servers light and extinguish the candles used during worship, carry the cross and the Gospel Book at specified times during the service, and assist the clergy with the preparation and cleaning of the altar at the time of the Eucharist.
Music aspires to express what is otherwise inexpressible. For this reason, music is integral to our liturgies at St. Thomas. Please contact our Music Director if you are interested in joining our enthusiastic choir.
Sound Technicians
Sound technicians use the soundboard and other sound equipment during services to ensure that the sound levels are correct. They also project and present the service on Powerpoint.
Lay Leaders
The Bishop is licensing a select group of Lay Leaders, who will be able to lead non-Eucharistic services, including offering homilies and other aspects of worship leadership.

Volunteers in Ministry

Counters accurately process the weekly collection, ensuring that donations are recorded on a report for the Envelope Secretary and are directed to the appropriate ministries.
Altar Guild
A team of dedicated church members who prepare the altar for each Eucharist celebrated at St. Thomas. They are responsible for caring for the church’s silver, brass, and linens, as well as arranging the weekly flowers.
Grounds and Building Maintenance
St. Thomas is a heritage building, one of the treasures of Chilliwack. As such, there is plenty of maintenance and repair work that needs regular attention. Grounds work includes lawn cutting, weeding, trimming, snow removal and salting.
Media Team
Volunteers who help to keep our media presence current by updating the "Events" and "Sermons" pages on our website, as well as posting to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Hospitality Team
On most Sundays, after the service, two or three people volunteer to make and serve tea, coffee, and yummy treats.
Pastoral Care
Please contact our clergy if you are interested in helping with the work of pastoral visiting and prayer in Care Homes and in the hospital, or if you need some training in how to be an effective visitor.
Prison Ministry
If you would like to help to lead worship services at the Ford Mountain Correctional Institution every second Sunday of the month, please contact Fr. Allen.
Prayer Team
We are praying for individuals who feel called to be intercessors to pray with and for our church, our members, our nation, our leaders, and other concerns in the world.

Opportunities for Spiritual Formation

Seasonal Studies
We offer a variety of seasonal book and scripture studies, as well as spiritual formation opportunities. See our "Events" page for upcoming opportunities
Education for Ministry

Education for Ministry (EfM) is a four-year certificate programme of theological education for lay people. Participants commit for one year at a time, meeting in small groups for study and practice to aid them in discovering and nurturing their call to Christian service. EfM helps the faithful encounter the breadth and depth of the Christian tradition and bring it into conversation with their experiences of the world as they study, worship, and engage in theological reflection together. Participants take what they learn about scripture, church history, theology and ethics into their own lives and hearts, in order to support them in living out a vibrant baptismal ministry in the church and in the world.  Learn more about EfM

Infinite Lord and eternal God,
Rouse your church in this place.
Restore your people’s sense of mission,
And revive your work in holiness and strength.
By your Spirit, teach us to give our energy,
Our time, our money, our service and our prayer,
That your kingdom may be advanced here, and in the entire world.
In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

The Church of Wales