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Dear Friends,

January is one of my favourite months because as the month unfolds there's more light.  This physical reality happily coincides with Epiphany Season which is probably my favourite Church season (not that I want to slight Christmas and Easter!).  I think I'm attracted to this season because it celebrates how it is that God's revelation unfolds and develops.  God doesn't just "dump stuff on us" but allows us the dignity of "aha moments" and then the added dignity of figuring out what they mean over time.

This coming Saturday, January 28th, at 12 pm, you are invited to a "Farewell Lunch" at the parish hall in celebration of our partnership in ministry over the past 5 1/2 years.  I would love to see you and say "thanks" for the privilege of ministering among you.  If you are planning to come please let Irene Tisdale know as you are able.

Rev. Lorie is back with us after a well-deserved break.  I hope that you are taking the opportunity to get to know her, she's an amazing person and a gifted priest.  I hope that you take advantage of some of the programs that she is beginning with the help of others in the parish.

If you have not yet submitted your report for the Annual Report please do so by the middle of next week so that Gail can send out the Annual Report two weeks before the Annual Meeting which will be Feb 19th. Thanks for your help with this!

May the Light of Christ illumine your pilgrimmage!

Fr. Allen Doerksen