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PWRDF is accepting donations for FIONA relief in the Maritimes.  

PWRDF will be working closely with various dioceses within Canada, especially NS, NB, 3 NL dioceses, and Quebec. PWRDF funds will go to local needs in areas not covered by Red Cross and government assistance, thus avoiding duplication of limited resources.     

Donations can be made in your Sunday offering by indicating the amount to be designated as PWRDF-Fiona. People may also donate online to PWRDF or mail a cheque to PWRDF.

My friends and relatives in the damaged areas have indicated that they are safe and have minor damage. Shingles have blown off, trees are down but not on the houses; streets are blocked by downed power lines. Power outages in various areas have left some communities without electricity.   

The biggest message I get from all my contacts is that they are so concerned for neighbours who are worse off. All of us need to continue to pray, asking God's presence to be felt in healing and hope. We also need, as a nation and as a church, to seriously seek new ideas and methods to meet the needs of future disasters.   

submitted by Rev. Art Turnbull