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Christians around the world are invited to give particular attention to praying and caring for God’s creation as part of the global Season of Creation, observed from September 1 to October 4 every year. General Synod 2019 passed a resolution adopting the Season of Creation in the Anglican Church of Canada as a time of prayer, education, and action, encouraging dioceses and parishes to participate.

There are many ways your community can participate in the Season of Creation. Hold an ecumenical or interfaith prayer service; worship outdoors; go for a hike with members of your parish; work to reduce your plastic or energy consumption; or advocate for stronger environmental policy.

It should be noted that the Season of Creation is not a liturgical season like Advent or Easter but rather a time of intentional prayer and reflection.

Resources and events related to the Season of Creation may be found on the Anglican Church of Canada website


McCausland's Order of Divine Service (paraphrased)

The Anglican Church of Canada website

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