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Dear Friends,   

What does Advent mean to you? Personally, I love it; it's one of my favourite times of the year. Advent reflects the perspective offered to us in the Hebrew Scriptures in which we learn that first there was chaos, then order (this in Genesis 1). We learn that Sabbath rest begins after the sun goes down on the sixth day. The Sabbath is the first thing called holy by God and begins in darkness. And so, following on from this, at least in the Northern hemisphere in which Israel and then the Church crafted these perspectives, the year begins in darkness and moves towards the light of Christ's coming (adventus in Latin) and then the spreading light of the Epiphany season in which Christ's light begins to be known in the wider world.  

One of the implications is that we are invited to value--even if it's not comfortable!--times of disequilibrium, times when things are not clear, with the trust that we actually need these times in order to creatively welcome "the new thing," the new perspective that can only dawn because we've recognized that God's creativity in the world begins in the same way!  

Do you like Advent? What does it mean to you? I'd be interested in your responses and will include them in next week's update (anonymously if you'd like).  

Here's an Advent opportunity offered by the national church: Advent meditations and discussions These meditations and discussions build on the traditional themes of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love and offer a way for us to link these powerful emotions and motivations to God's Mission in our contemporary context.    


Nov 18 -- Healing Eucharist & Circle of Grace at 10 am; This week is our final week of experiencing a variety of Spiritual Practices and lunch at Harvest Cafe to enjoy the spiritual practices of “hospitality” & “feasting”. Next week begins 4 Fridays to study and reflect on various components of ADVENT! - all are welcome.  

Nov 26th -- Men's Breakfast at Jimmy J's, 8 a.m. There will be breakfast and a discussion led by Fr. Allen.  

Dec 3rd-4th -- Bishop John's visit to our parish!  There will be an opportunity to meet with Bishop John Saturday evening at 7 pm in the parish hall. The council will meet with Bishop John at 6:15 pm. Sunday morning, December 4th, Bishop John will preach/preside at our service of Holy Eucharist.  

Dec 10th -- Please invite families or grandkids to join us from 4:30-6:30 for a fun family service.  

The Journey is the Destination,  

Fr. Allen Doerksen