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Hi friends,
I hope you are seeing a few precious signs of spring. She is on her way!
This Sunday is mid-way through Lent - may we continue to notice any deserts of our lives only to receive the Living Water of Grace. May you be blessed this Sunday with Rev. Georgina Harris who will be with us. This is my last Sunday away before being full-time at St. Thomas. If you, or anyone you know, is interested in baptism, please let me know. With joy we have 2 baptisms on Easter Sunday.
Palm Sunday we will enjoy a sung palm parade for those that are want - there is also a balcony view for those who want to wave from the church! Kids can carry crosses, branches, Bibles...
Maundy Thursday is a time for "the last supper" & foot-washing. Beautiful music with violin will fill the air!
Good Friday - NOTE: 10 am. We will have a special service of organ music with Rowland!
Easter Sunday - JOY! Bring your kids and grandkids! The kids can help bless the holy water for the baptisms and have fun decorating the floral cross! And we have an egg hunt for them!
God of our pilgrimage, we have found the living water. Refresh and sustain us as we go forth on our journey, in the name of Jesus Christ our friend & helper. Amen.
with love,