Jeremiah 31:1-6, Matthew 28:1-10 (cf. Acts 10:34-43)
Shalom is NOW!

On this Holy Saturday, this time of waiting, this time of disconsolate loss, we face a psychological conundrum.  Will life be the same now that "everything has changed?" Will life ever be "normal" again? Perhaps this year we can engage with the first followers of Jesus with a bit more psychological realism.  We remind ourselves that they didn't know that "Easter was coming." For them the day after the crucifixion would have only carried with it mind-numbing sorrow.  Their King had been ripped from their lives, almost casually: a little washing of the hands, a little "okay nail this dude up, just like all the others," and voila! No more hope, no more dreams of justice, no more...

...But then...God!

Our Easter service features readers, singers and liturgical pieces from members of both the St. Thomas and St. Matthew parishes.  A special thanks to Rev. Jennifer Burgoyne for putting together the service bulletin and Steven Burgoyne for the production.  A tribute to what is possible in small parishes during the Covid-19 pandemic!