National Indigenous Peoples Day
It's a Good World

"Today is National Indigenous Peoples Day. I never know what to say or think about this day. For a people who have been taught to put others first and to not draw attention to yourself, it is hard to celebrate. For a people who have experienced trauma and have been acquainted with grieve, it is hard to celebrate. I will celebrate today because even in the midst of difficulties when I look around I remember it is a good world made by a good creator. I celebrate all the wonderful human beings who have taught me to live with gratefulness, even when things are hard. I celebrate the good land where the creator has placed us. I celebrate the treaty and covenant that we made,nation to nation, to try and live like relatives. I am not ignorant of the difficulties or am I free from fear about the future but today I remember it is a good world and I celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day - I hope you can as well."


Source: Dicoesan News June 21, 2022