It’s not what you know...

Sermon September 3, 2023  SEASON OF CREATION

It’s not what you know – it’s WHO you know!

“It’s not what you know – it’s who you know.” Have you heard that quote before? It is often used when someone is trying to get a job or have something done that is beyond their capacity.

One of my jobs as a teenager was to assist customers in the cosmetic department at Woodwards Department Store – anyone remember the Woodwards stores? I didn’t know a thing about cosmetics – in fact I’m sure my face was covered in acne and my hair-doo and clothes certainly weren’t ‘fashionable.’ However, it wasn’t what I knew that got me the job – it was who I knew – the department manager John went to our church and invited me to take the job!

In a Christian context we could also say It’s not all about what we know – it is about WHO we know.

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