Welcome to St. Thomas!

At St. Thomas, we recognize that each individual's spiritual journey is a deeply personal one. All who enter our doors are invited to participate and contribute at their own comfort level in an atmosphere of acceptance and friendship.

St. Thomas is a church in process of redevelopment.  We come from a rich and wonderful past and have seen God's love and faithfulness to multiple generations of worshippers for more than 145 years.  Where God is leading us at this time, we do not yet know.  We believe that God has an exciting future for St. Thomas, and we would love for you to join us in our journey of discovering what God has planned for us.

We are excited to share our Livestream and virtual fellowship and learning opportunities with you!

Prior to the pandemic, we regularly had about 50 members attend our Sunday morning services.  Many of our members are now in their 'golden years', having served in a great variety of ways to build up the church for many, many years.  They continue to provide much wisdom and insight during this time of church redevelopment.  We have a small group of younger members who have taken up the baton, and we are praying for people with fresh ideas to join our work in God's kingdom here in Chilliwack.  

Our mission and vision is to be a Christian family within the larger community, to enable persons to grow in their relationships with Jesus Christ and one another and, guided by the Holy Spirit, to share God's love with the world around us.  Following the Anglican practice of combining scripture, tradition, and reason, St. Thomas is rich in ceremony and tradition, yet we take a modern, thoughtful approach to religion, encouraging discernment and questions while following the teachings of Jesus in our search for the Divine. 

Whether you are a life-long Anglican, new to the church, or just wondering what role faith might play in your life, please know that you are most welcome here.  There is a place for you at St. Thomas!

We are part of the Diocese of New Westminster within the larger Anglican Church of Canada, and a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion of Churches.