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As many of you already know, our deacon, Rev. Jennifer Burgoyne, has decided to retire as of May 31st this year. As a parish we are very grateful for her ministry on behalf of the St. Thomas community over many years both before her ordination and after. Her ministry touched almost every area of our common life and her gifts and talents impacted the St. Thomas community deeply! We continue to benefit from the body of work she left with us, along with many warm memories.

The following letter is from Rev. Jennifer to the parish:

Dear Parishioners of St. Thomas,

I am writing this short note to all of you as I prepare for this next step in my life.

I have been part of St. Thomas family since 1997. Many things have changed during that time. We have all gotten older. Our children have grown up and are having children of their own. People have moved away, and many have died. One thing that has been constant is that each of you have touched my life in so many loving and positive ways. The memories of the many parish dinners together, the services and laughter that we have shared, the cleaning and painting around the buildings, the visiting in your homes and in the hospital and the lasting friendships made, have all enriched my life to the fullest.

When I felt God calling me to diaconal ordination, the parishioners of St. Thomas were right behind me supporting, guiding, and loving me along the way. To be your deacon for the last 13 years has been an incredible honour, privilege, and joy, and it has been quite the journey. From my accident and the 2 falls, through my recovery, every one of you have been there, during the tough times and the crazy times.

This past year has been a difficult year for me and this decision to retire from St. Thomas has been an extremely difficult and emotional decision as well. Reality is, that time continues to move forward, and God’s plan for St. Thomas and for me must also move forward. I will always, for the rest of my life, remember each and every one of you and the times we have shared. The future is ahead, and I am sure our paths will cross, but please don’t forget that you will always be in my prayers.

God’s blessings to all of you!

Rev. Jennifer Burgoyne