The Joy of Music
St. Thomas' Music Team

Music aspires to express what is otherwise inexpressible. For this reason, music is integral to our liturgies at St. Thomas. Our Sunday worship is enhanced by a thoughtful combination of new and traditional hymns from the Common Praise hymnal and other hymn books, along with contemporary Christian selections and special ensemble performances coordinated by our gifted leaders, Christine Millar and Jennifer MacGregor. 

Please contact our Music Director, Christine Millar, at if you have any questions or are interested in joining the Music Team. 

St. Thomas is looking for a part-time Sound Technician. Please see the requirements, apply and/or share around!

Position: Sound Technician at St. Thomas Anglican Church

The Sound Technician is responsible for:

1. Setting up, installing, operating, testing and troubleshooting audio and video equipment or contacting professionals for this task.

2. Producing a good atmosphere for worship through sound reinforcement and creating an audio mix that works with the particular event.   

3. Supporting the various audio needs of the people involved with the church service (and any other events requested): priest, music director and team, the readers, etc.  

Qualifications & Skills Required:

1. Has experience mixing audio successfully in the live environment OR are willing to attend training and work alongside a mentor.

2. Ability to work in a team setting and take direction.

3. Have good communication skills 

4. Ability to think quickly and react/trouble-shoot properly in high stress situations.

5. Willing to attend training sessions and read/watch other training material for improving existing skills.

6. Willing to train church volunteers to help be part of your team. 

Time Required:

Two Thursday evening rehearsals per month (three, when we have a 5th Sunday in the month). Typically, rehearsal runs from 6:30pm - 8:00pm. 

Sunday morning services. Arrive at 9am, and have equipment set up for the worship team to begin at 9:15am. Services start at 10:00am. We would like to have someone from within the congregation trained as well, so it may not be every Sunday that you are needed. Together, we will set a schedule.

There may be extra events such as weddings or funerals, and we will negotiate with you for these as they arise. 


1. Set up the stage for musicians (or with music director)                                                 

2. Perform proper line check, and make sure everything is in working order.
3. Perform proper sound check; includes gain settings, monitor mixes, proper volume settings, and the eq/mixing process.
4. Check with the worship leader and pastor for schedule and any schedule changes.

During Service
1. Responsible for adjusting sound levels during service as needed.
2. Responsible for following the worship leader’s direction during services. For example, boosting monitor levels.

3. Responsible for running the PowerPoint (ideally, build a volunteer team, so someone from within the congregation can take on this task).
4. Responsible for live streaming  / recording the service.
5. Responsible for providing a distraction-free service as it relates to audio production.

1. Talk with the worship leader and / or priest to find out if issues existed for them during service.
2. Note any broken/faulty equipment and have it serviced if possible.
3. Clear stage of equipment as needed.


The salary is negotiable and depends on the amount of experience and training one has. It ranges between $25 - $40 per hour with a total of approximately $325 – 600 per month. This is based on 2 - 4 hours per week / 13 - 15 hours per month.

Contact: Rev. Lorie Martin Parish office 604.792.8521